10 Top Traits For Great Customer Service Whether You Are A Man Or A Woman Entrepreneur

Let’s start with a reminder about the principles of customer service and the attributes all must have!

Top 10 Traits for Great Customer Service (either a woman , or a man

1. Transparency

2. Honesty

3. Professionalism

4. Communication

5. Respect

6. Dedication

7. Reactivity

8. Follow-up

9. Feedback

10. Understanding customers and their needs

Are women entrepreneurs any different?

Most women entrepreneurs have a similar history. Most women start a business out of a passion for providing a service or developing and marketing a product. It can be economic necessity, but it’s not always as common as you might think. However, it’s interesting to note that a woman who starts a business from her kitchen table doesn’t get the same respect as a man who worked in his spare bedroom for two-years before purchasing their first property.

The internal attitude is how women entrepreneurs view themselves and their business ideas. The following facts are true for most women who start a business. They want to grow their company over the long-term. What does this mean for women entrepreneurs in terms of customer service? How does it impact their attitude towards customers?

Are women treated differently by customers than men?

Women entrepreneurs view the customer as the core of their business and will do everything to retain and increase customers. Sometimes this may mean that they are less able to maintain a separation between home and work than men. While male entrepreneurs can work long hours when necessary, they are often not able to handle the extra responsibility of family and home that women traditionally have.

This commitment is good for customers in the short-term. However, many female entrepreneurs feel the need to ‘overdeliver’ and do more than what is required to protect other parts of their business. It is unclear if this is due to an inborn lack of self-belief, a childhood as people pleasers or another reason. Or it could just be a genuine desire for the customer to be happy. It is not uncommon for women to be able to accommodate customers’ needs, even if it means they have to work harder or are given tight deadlines.

Women are more attentive than men to their customers and can listen better than men. They will listen to customers and provide the best service. Customers will get used to it and expect more. Beware of the woman entrepreneur who is so successful that she has automated responders to help customers. This can cause customers to lose their personal touch, which can lead to a loss in customer loyalty.

What are the key lessons that women entrepreneurs should learn about customer service?

  • You can choose your ideal client or target market, and then stick with it. It is impossible to please everyone and you will eventually find yourself being pulled in every direction. Later, you can expand into other markets
  • Set clear boundaries between work and home, and be consistent in sticking to them
  • Focus on your customers and deliver the best possible customer service.
  • You don’t want to lose touch with your customers when your company grows.


You should have a written customer care policy, not just something you think of. This policy doesn’t have to be complicated or long. However, it should outline how you will treat customers and what you will do in the event of problems.

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