10 Top Uses For Excel In A Janitorial Services Business

Many of the new businesses operating from home make use of Microsoft Excel to keep track of their costs and invoices however, that’s only just scratching the surface on what this Excel spreadsheet can do for you. If you’re considering starting an janitorial service business on your own, look at a handful of the things Excel can accomplish for you:


Excel is a powerful program that comes with a vast range of templates, and hundreds of thousands more are accessible on the internet. Here are some that your business’s janitorial department could use to its advantage:


When the time comes to submit your bid for an assignment, a professional template will give your bid an air of professionalism and draw the attention of your prospective offer.


Walking through the spaces of new clients are essential to make sure that you have a complete knowledge of what you have to accomplish. A template that provides your employees a complete list of questions and what to watch will help you understand what each job is about prior to accepting it.

Work Orders

To complement your Inspections templates, obtaining an all-inclusive work orders template with every job your employees will perform clearly will help your client be sure that they’re taking maximum benefits of your products and services.

Training in Safety Training

It’s not enough just to have the MSDSs of all your products Your employees must to be trained in basic safety to be sure they understand how to respond in emergencies. Excel templates are a great way to create print-friendly warning labels that keep track of what employees have attended the safety courses and much many more.


Every startup company faces issues in making themselves visible to their prospective customers. A couple of Excel techniques can make this an more simple process.

Direct Mail

The process of obtaining a list with local addresses is not difficult however, putting them all onto envelopes could be an overwhelming and lengthy task. However, with an Excel spreadsheet with the necessary cities, names, addresses and ZIP codes, simply merging mail with Word can produce instant labels which are printed right on envelopes for an elegant look.

Web-based Advertising

Internet marketing is about keywords. Hiring a professional to perform the research for you is a smart idea, but make sure that you receive all the information in a properly organized Excel spreadsheet, so that you can sort the data by every variable and identify those that satisfy your criteria in each area.

The End End

Excel spreadsheets are able to handle much more than just the financial paperwork that you keep in Your backoffice.


Inputting everyone’s hours and availability in a spreadsheet allows you to ensure there aren’t any gaps in your calendar and also permits you to print beautiful charts of each person’s schedule to make it easy to view.

Customer Tracking

Making a questionnaire using Excel that includes drop-down options that allow your employees to choose from lets you create a standard and effective method for tracking your customers which will keep you updated regarding each customers’ square feet, different types of jobs completed and the hours they are available.


Excel offers an ability that is often ignored of sending an Email alert when a particular cell’s value is greater than a certain limit . This is why if you maintain inventory in an sharing Excel spreadsheet, when employees say they’ve used a portion of a particular item, Excel can automatically remind you to buy the item again.

Timing Clock.

Similar to scheduling However, on the other aspect, time-clocking using Ezcel will show you not just who was late or punctual to work However, it will give you an alert in the event that employees work overtime, and also provide you with the details of any overtime that they participate in.


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