7 'c's That Create Champions

I have been following some of the Summer Olympics games. The Olympians’ performances are always inspiring. Their dedication to excellence, perfection even… is truly admirable.

These concepts will fuel your success, regardless of whether you are an athlete, entrepreneur or executive, homemaker, artist, or employee.

1.ClarityTrue champions know what their “end game” is. They are focused and have a clear understanding of their goals and why they are doing it. They make it a priority. They define it and organize their lives around this goal.

They might have natural abilities and skills. It is possible that they have learned their skills by making a conscious decision to do so. Their skills are the result of years of practice, coaching, and hard work.

Many of the things that I am good at are the result of learning as much as I could about them. It is possible that people who are good in particular areas were just curious at the beginning. They were curious to learn how things work. They continued to study and wonder how they could become faster, stronger, and more proficient.

You must be able to ignore distractions and not listen to the naysayers if you want to achieve peak performance. Imagine being surrounded by thousands, millions, or hundreds of people looking at you. Excellence comes from within. Concentrate your attention on the still part of Self that knows exactly what to say or do and how to say it. You will eventually have to stop listening to outside influences and believe that you are capable of being excellent.

Google defines courage as “not deterred or pain; brave”. Although I didn’t know Google was in dictionary business, I loved the phrase they used. Champions are able to overcome internal and external obstacles by remaining unaffected.

Unfortunately, many people believe that confidence is necessary for success. It is not. It is not. Confidence is something that arises after a significant and important event. Sometimes, it’s only after facing internal fears and overcoming obstacles that one can feel truly confident for the big day ahead.

It’s always inspiring to see the team members show love and appreciation, even for rivals, as I watch them perform. Being able to care for and empathize with others is what boosts an ego. Bullies might make some progress but their souls may be suffering and their achievements are hollow. As Theodore Roosevelt It was said that people don’t care about how much they know until they see how much they care.

About the Author

Loretta Love Huff is a well-known and respected leader for business, often referred to as “The Dream Leader for Business” by thousands of entrepreneurs and executives. She assists her clients in unleashing their leaders, influencing with integrity, and leveraging their ideas to create profitable and fulfilling careers.

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