7 Deadly Sins That Sabotage Business Success

People who start or run a business are likely to commit at least one of these sins, which can potentially hinder their chances of success. It’s something we all have done. When we have an idea or see an opportunity, our minds get excited and start playing. Or we talk to someone who pours cold water on it. It can be any one of these:

1. Procrastination

2. Inability to stick to a routine and maintain discipline in order for the idea to succeed.

3. Focus and concentration problems

4. Self doubt

5. Disorganisation

6. Fear is a result of ignorance

7. Inaction

These are the things you must do if you’ve suffered.

When you ask yourself what success is, you’ll find it to be a deep desire for happiness. Success is what we seek to be happy with.

These 7 deadly sins are bad habits that we have developed over time. They prevent us from reaching the happiness and success we want.

Procrastination is the first and most deadly sin. It is a common saying that you should not put off doing what can be done immediately. It is the act of substituting high-priority actions with lower priority tasks that they enjoy. Procrastination is a major cause of failure and affects 1 in 5 people. Procrastination can be explained by the mind trying not to feel or express a negative emotion, thus delaying a stressful task until later. Procrastination can lead to stress, guilt, lost productivity, and social disapproval because you fail to meet deadlines or responsibilities. These negative feelings can lead to more procrastination in order to avoid them.

Did you ever put off sales calls or meeting with difficult staff members or managers, or even doing work that was extremely challenging? You feel guilty later that you didn’t make the necessary money or that your manager labeled you incompetent. Or the deadline approaches 5 minutes and you panic and fail to complete the task.

We often procrastinate in our lives, which can lead to us being unable to succeed. Recognize when you are procrastinating and confront the situation head-on. It is not as bad as you think. This is what you can do:


  • Split your day into four parts: One hour for phone calls, one hour for clearing emails, one hour for marketing and four hours to deliver the service/product.
  • Make a list of 3 top things that you want to accomplish before you leave work each night. These things should be done BEFORE you get distracted by the day’s issues.


We lack the discipline and routine needed to see our ideas through.

There are also millions of chances to succeed every day. What separates the successful and the unsuccessful is self-discipline and routine actions that ensure the idea becomes a reality. Have you ever heard the expression “I get things done”? It is true. People give up long before their ideas have had the chance to make it onto paper. Some give up when they face any obstacle. You have said many times that you will increase sales this year, but once you have made one sales call or submitted one proposal, it fails.

People who succeed stick with it no matter what the odds are. This is just like the athletes who train their brains daily on the same subject. No matter how many no’s they get, they make 10 sales calls per day. They submit 20 proposals per week, regardless of whether or not they are accepted. When trying to accomplish something, you will encounter obstacles. The more ambitious your idea, the more obstacles you will face. If you want to succeed, you must find ways around obstacles and avoid negative outcomes.

Focus and concentration are two of the most important things in life.

You must be able focus on only one thing to succeed. This does not mean that you can’t do multiple things, or have many business or business ideas. It is possible, but you need to focus your efforts on one thing. Your mind can only focus on one thing at once. You will fail if you have your mind in two places. Do you remember sitting at your desk and worrying about your holiday, your sick child, or anything else? There is a good chance that you will have made mistakes and your work won’t be as good. It is easy to lose your concentration and wander off into the unknown. However, you can train your brain to focus by practicing concentration exercises and practicing. You must focus your efforts on one thing until it is perfected, just like the basketball players who practice their shots hundreds of times before they master it. You will fail if you lose focus, become distracted, or give up.

Self doubt. 

Even the most self-assured person can experience self doubt from time to time. Self-doubt refers to a feeling of doubt about your abilities to achieve something. Insecurity can cause hesitation and indecision. It can lead to massive failure of a project that was otherwise incredibly successful. Certain words we use to describe ourselves can cause us to lose our confidence. You might say things like, “I’m not sure, maybe it was wrong, I don’t feel up for it, this is too hard.” To counteract doubt, we need to identify the source of the thoughts and words we use. Self doubt can be very destructive. If it isn’t addressed, it can cause insecurity and damage our belief systems. Self doubt is often the biggest obstacle to our success or failure in business and our projects.


This is when an orderly system is disrupted. The mind is extremely organized and precise. The same goes for your life and business. Your mind will do all it can to organize it. You’ll feel frustrated, anxious, and overwhelmed by mundane tasks. This will make it difficult to accomplish large and productive tasks. It will be difficult to find the simple things, and you will feel like you are starting over every time you go to work. This can make your mind work extra hard and be counterproductive.

Fear is something that every person on the planet has experienced at one time or another.

But successful people are able to feel the fear and move forward, while unsuccessful people fear and flee. Fear is a natural human response to being placed in unfamiliar or unanticipated situations. Fear can also be caused by a feeling of shame or insecurity. Fear can often be caused by agitated thoughts and aggravated tensions. If you want to conquer fear, it is important to understand the root causes. You must first understand the root cause of your fear in order to eliminate it. You will find that fear disappears when you confront it by taking the action you fear. Write down the possible outcomes and how you would respond. You may be afraid of losing money, but the truth is that you might not be able pay rent. What is the worst thing that could happen if your rent isn’t paid? What can you do to prevent the worst from happening? This process is good for overcoming fears and avoiding the stress that can lead to inaction.

Fear of the unknown can lead to inaction.

Fear is our brain’s response to actual or perceived danger. Fear can cause us to freeze or stand still, and we stop doing anything. This is the most dangerous thing a businessperson can do. This is a sure way to fail any venture. Keep moving forward, don’t stop doing what you are doing, and take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves. Also, never stop learning from your mistakes. Failure will never be your success.

Nnenna Anyanwu, a certified trainer and executive, financial and business coach is qualified. Through her business club, she has coached a variety of entrepreneurs, small business owners and business women to achieve success in business. She is available to speak at business seminars and public speaking events.


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