7 Great Tips For Successful Selling

All Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners are Sales People. If you are looking to build a successful company, you have to be proficient in selling items or products.

Based on the NLP Presuppositions I’ve created the following 7 Tips for Selling Successfully that I offer to my clients:

Put Yourself In Your Clients Place :

It is essential to know what your customer wants and requires. Be aware of their desires and needs, and put yourself in the shoes of your client. If you are able to understand your customers you will be better able to support them.

Ask Open Questions:

Ask the What, When Who, What, How, when and where questions, then take a break and listen to the responses. You should think about some good questions in the preparation for your meeting or call This is a fundamental element of your selling process and planning. Your responsibility is to your message, therefore be aware of the questions you are asking and how you approach it.


If you’ve been asked a question, get up and listen! Listen to the complete answer that is why when you ask questions, take the time to listen to the response. If the person who you are talking to has stopped talking, wait about a second or two – it might be more to it or it may be that information that is the key to the distinction.

Have a Goal:

Be sure to have a clearly defined purpose for the meeting or call. It should follow the previous step in Your Sales Procedure. If someone else is looking to purchase, you shouldn’t be absconding from steps of the Sales Procedure. Keep your eyes on the goal and adhere to it.


Be flexible. You should know your goals for your business, goals for meetings and calls, however, you must remain flexible. Every action you take should be planned to enhance the flexibility and choice. The people who are the most flexible are the most likely to be successful. Let them have the freedom to purchase by being agile and flexible to demands and desires.

State of Mind :

The correct state of mind is essential to success. Make use of an anchor to get you into the ideal state to achieve success. Utilize what works for you whether it’s audio, physical or even visual. Personally, I prefer loud music . It keeps me up.

Learn and Develop:

Failure is not a thing, it’s just feedback. If you attempt something that fails, Try something else. One good place to start is to model successful salespeople who you know. Study their strategies and what they have worked for. The goal is to be successful, therefore make sure you test different approaches until you discover the ones that work. If you discover what works, then you can learn from it and refine it further. Be sure to look back at the conclusion of the day and make improvements to your technique.

All of these steps assume you have an established Sales Process. If you don’t possess a clear Sales Procedure that is accompanied by a Marketing Plan then you’re failing to plan and plan to be a failure.

Spend a half-day to establish an effective Method and Strategy and These steps can assist you achieve the results you want. Enjoy yourself and be successful!

Hello, my name is Angus MacLennan and I am an experienced Business and Personal Coach. I achieve great results by working with motivated entrepreneurs and small Business owners. I believe that we need to create businesses that benefit us. I believe that you can make the money and lifestyle you desire by working 25 hours per week.

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