7 Top Tips For Successful Sales Meetings

Deals Meetings are critical for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. First impresses are so critical to your success. Get it wrong and you could wreck your chances. Get it right and you’re on the road to success.

After an deep modeling exercise into what works on a earthborn reach I’ve put together some Top Tips for my guests. You still need to have a clear program, a trades process and good product knowledge but if you have to meet new people for trades meetings either these tips may help you prepare for, and get the tidy from, the meetings.

1. Smile.

This is a crucial secret to success. A smile immediately changes your state and makes the other person a lot else open.

2. Visualization

Picture the result you’re looking to achieve before you go in to the meeting. Start with the end in mind and picture a successful meeting development.

3. Perception is jut

If you’re comfortable with yourself you’ll project that to those around you. Complexion belief goes a long way. If you’re nervous either ACT AS IF you’re confident and comfortable. Get your state right first by using avowals and anchors. Music is a good way and can really lift your state when you need it. Do you have a song that gets you pumped up? This can help you get into the right frame of mind before a meeting.

4. Ask Questions

Ask open questions that give the other person the granting and space to talk about individuality they like-themselves. Ask the right questions and you’ll get the answers you need to doctor your approach to that integer.

5. Hear.

Do not be tempted to talk too important. You’re trying to find out about the other persons needs so shut up and hear.

6. Posture and body language

Be cognizant of your posture and position. A large part of communication is non verbal so be cognizant of how you look. Sit up comfortably, look at them and engage them with your body by being open and responsive.

7. Enjoy

This is the most important point- just relax and enjoy yourself.
We learn our social chops by modeling those around us as we grow. We develop those chops through practice. The same applies in business. Allow about successful deals people and model what works for them. Allow about what works for you and what does not and only keep the dressy fashions.

Get the basics right, know your product and center on the other person and you’ll confect strong alliances and breed raving addicts who’ll happily appertain you on.
My name is Angus MacLennan and I’m a Business and Idiomatic Trainer getting great results with motivated Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. My assignment and passion is to deliver amazing value to my accounts and help them develop their businesses allowing them to have the work/ life balance they really want.

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