7 Ways To Spend Your Lunch Break

It is your hour of freedom, an opportunity to urge refreshed and rejuvenated, a time to recharge your batteries and let your work troubles dissolve . So how do most folks spend our hour lunch breaks at work? Typically curled on a couch relaxing with an honest read or by simply sitting. the matter with spending an hour of your time during your break sitting during a sedentary position, is the bulk |that almost all”> that the majority likely you already spend the majority of the day during a seated position while working. And, the matter with sitting for extended periods of your time ? Quite simply put: your health.

Sitting for long periods of your time has been proven to cause work related aches and pains including lumbago , neck pain, upper back pain, repetitive stress injuries, fatigue, and carpal tunnel syndrome. These aches can happen thanks to variety of various reasons including not sitting with proper posture, sitting during a poorly designed chair, sitting during a chair that’s too big/too small for your frame, sitting for extended periods of time, sitting within the same position, and lack of movement. However the most problem comes right down to sitting. Although most folks are required by our employers to take a seat for the bulk of the day, our lunch break is that the just one occasion of the day once we have complete freedom to try to to whatever we please. rather than sitting we’ve come up with 7 alternate ways to spend your lunch break.


Even if you are doing not get a full hour for lunch or are too slammed to even take an opportunity , take a couple of moments to face up and stretch. Roll your shoulders back, raise your arms above your head during a full extension, take a fast walk around your office, and shake out your legs. it’s best to try to to this every 1-2 hours, but if some time only permits this during your lunch break, remember to try to to so.


Have a while to spare during your break? Take the chance to require a walk around your building, parking zone , or walk rather than drive to eat lunch. Walking will assist you take your mind off of your work stresses while helping you stay active.

Go to an Exercise Class

For some folks , our work carries on even once we leave the office. For others, we usually produce other activities planned for after the work day like running errands or spending time with our families. Consider your hour lunch break as a chance to partake in an exercise class to assist clear your mind.

Get a Massage

Sometimes work gets within the way of the small luxuries in life that leave us feeling revitalized and reinvigorated, a massage being one among them. Take an hour out of your work day during your lunch break to figure out all the kinks and pains that are build up in your back and you’ll desire an entire new person once you return to work!


Often after work the last item we would like to try to to is become our gym clothes and continue a run. Not only are we already exhausted from the long work day, but it’s also a hazard to run within the dark in the dark . What better time to stretch and re-energize yourself than mid way through the day with a fast frolic your office. Bring a pair of gym clothes and trainers to figure and you’ll be ready to go!

Try Every Restaurant Within Walking Distance

If you’ll walk thereto , you ought to try it! Get your exercise in while trying new quaint restaurants and hole within the wall food places that you simply would never consider getting to if you had your car. You never know, you’ll find your next favorite spot to dine in the method .

Go to a Park

Pack a lunch and have a picnic at a park nearby. you’ll get to enjoy being outdoors and faraway from anything that reminds you of labor . After your done, take a stroll around and absorb the scenery.

Whether you’re taking a walk or exercising during your lunch break, it’s important for your health to stay active throughout the day. albeit you’re unable to require an hour break, be sure to urge up from your office chair, stretch and move around throughout your work day a minimum of once every 2 hours. therefore the next time you’re brooding about how you’ll spend your lunch break, consider one among our 7 options!



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