9 Important Things To Do Before Conducting A Webinar

You were assigned by your company to host a webinar. Let’s start by understanding what a webinar looks like. Merriam-Webster defines a webinar as a live online education presentation where viewers can ask questions or comment.

This is a great start. You now know that you will deliver a virtual presentation and will need to answer questions. You will need to prepare for the webinar before you can start.

These are the 9 most important things to do before you host a webinar:

1) Choose the webinar title.

It should be attractive and tailored to the audience’s perspective.

2) Webinar promotion.

Create an advertisement that describes the benefits of attending your webinar. Choose the notification media (email, social media, periodicals) to use. Include the telephone number or registration link where attendees can register

3) Register

This is your first contact with potential attendees. You should create a registration form. Only request the information that is necessary. Make sure the attendee receives a confirmation email with details of the webinar.

4) Prepare your presentation material.

This is your “face” to the crowd, so it must be compelling to grab and keep their attention. Slides that allow you to interact with the audience (e.g. Pools Include lobby slides in your presentation. These will be displayed in the minutes prior to the webinar starts.

5) Choose your webinar team.

The host, moderator and technical staff should all be part of your team. The webinar’s host will introduce and close it. The moderator will handle interaction with the audience (i.e. collecting questions, ask questions, read pool results). Technical staff will make sure audio, video and the webinar platform work properly. This will allow you to concentrate on the webinar.

6) Event Schedule.

Each component of the presentation should be scheduled. Each component should be scheduled for 60 minutes. The team should also identify the person responsible. You will need 45 minutes to present, 13 minutes for Q&A, and 2 minutes for closing.

7) Rehearsal.

For any type of presentation, preparation is key. Before you have the group rehearsals, do several individual rehearsals. During the group rehearsal, it is important to follow the event schedule.

8) Create a backup plan.

It is better to be ready in the event of technological or human problems. You can minimize the risk of failure by identifying the points that could fail and creating a mitigation plan.

9) Make a note of your calendar

You can block the webinar date. For final checks, ensure you are available at least an hour before the webinar.

This preparation will make your webinar a success. Engage your audience and share what you know.

Now you are ready to rock and roll!

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