Business Basics Your Success In 2010 And Beyond Depends On These 10 Things

There are no tests that can measure the depth of a person’s heart. You can win BIG by being yourself. It’s their integrity, their people skills, and their character that make them stand out. They become unstoppable once they have the winning edge. They can be a force to be RESTOCKONED WITH. They are the STAR that people seek.

These are 10 things I believe you must do to win big in life and business.

Get Excited. Negativity is too much for people. They are unable to handle more whiners and wimps. 90% of the population can keep excited for 2-3 months about something and then move on to something new. 7% can keep their excitement for up to 2 years, and then they move on to something else until they achieve true success. The remaining 3% can keep their enthusiasm for as long as 20-30 years, or whatever time it takes to become successful. These are the people who win big. These are the stories of success we hear about. These people are the ones who bring life, enthusiasm and joy to everyone they meet and everything they do. People LOVE being around positive, enthusiastic, excited people. You will attract others like a moth and flame to you if you are that person.

Be a Dreamer Again. A big, fat dream must be able to light you up like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. It must be vivid enough to make your heart beat faster every time you think about it. This is the dream that keeps your mind awake at night, trying to figure out how to make it come true. You will never have a dream like that when times get difficult. If you don’t have anything to motivate you, you will give up and quit. You will never be able to make your dreams come true.

Feel Good About Yourself. You must OBLITERATE words that you CAN’T use from your vocabulary. They must be buried and allowed to rest in peace. They will never leave your lips. They will never again enter your head. You can do anything if you remove the words of limitation and lack from your vocabulary.

Stand for Something. People have had enough of fence-sitters and wishy-washy lookie loos. People want to see LEADERS who are honest and trustworthy. People are fed up with con artists and shills who will sell anything to make a quick buck. People want honesty. If you stand up for something and speak truthfully and with integrity, people will flock to you. You are the leader they’ve been looking for.

You can get used to being controversial. It is necessary to be controversial. You can’t be everyone’s ziggering when you are the only one zagging. You are just doing the same thing as everyone else, which is normal and boring. You are nothing but mediocre. You can be mediocre if you want people to like you. You can be extraordinary if you are controversial. You won’t be liked by everyone. Accept it. You can be both amazing and hard at the same moment. It will be appreciated by the right people. They will be more inclined to do business with you if you sing a song that is appealing to their ears.

Be Totally Committed. It is essential that you are fully committed to your values. It is not enough to just test something out to see whether it works. It’s not possible to be successful just by sticking your toe in the water and hoping for the right temperature. It’s either all or nothing. JUMP IN and SWIM. It is essential to be determined to do whatever it takes to complete the task. You can have the courage to win, and to keep going when it gets tough. Things will get difficult, I promise. You may not get the results you desire. You can find the strength to get up 8 times after falling 7 times. You can talk to another person even if 100 people have rejected you. It allows you to acquire the skills you need to master new technology. You can have confidence when you are committed. It increases your faith in yourself, and the work you do.

Respect People. People deserve to be treated well. You must love people. You must care about them. To show others how amazing they are, you have to be willing and able to get burned from time to time. Everyone wants to be SOMEBODY. Everyone wants to feel important. Everyone wants to know they are valuable. Everyone wants to feel appreciated. If you are able to communicate the greatness of someone to them, and show them how important they are, you will be the miracle they seek.

Set the Right Priorities. It is important to set the right priorities. You are a holistic person. Balance is essential for your life. Tunnel vision doesn’t cut it. Your business will suffer if you live a poor spiritual or personal life. Your business is your responsibility. Your business will reflect your personal and spiritual well-being. Your business will be more successful if you are healthier. Make time for all aspects of your life. It will help your business thrive.

You Have the Heart of a Champion. You must have the heart of champion. You must have the desire to win and the will to win. You must get FIRED UP, and STAY FIRED UPS. Your life is your chance to make a positive difference. To succeed, you must be willing to pay the price. Mental toughness is essential and you must never give up. WINNERS DO NOT QUIT, QUITTERS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN.

Lead. Leadership is everything. Leaders are needed in this world. Leaders are the ones who make things happen. They just do it. Most people live a life of “almost”. I almost did this…I almost done that. Winners DO IT…Leaders do IT. They will do anything to accomplish the task. They will do anything to win. They are willing to do whatever it takes to win. Eliminate the excuses. Eliminate the excuses. Eliminate the I don’t want to’s and just do it.


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