Cant Miss Wedding Invitation Styles

This year, the most fashionable styles of wedding invitations are inspired by the world around us. Bold and subtle colors, patterns that make an immediate impression and styles that combine tradition and innovation in a unique and contemporary look are all great styles. Your wedding invitations will set the tone for the wedding of your dreams when you choose from a variety of styles of wedding invitations not to be missed among today’s hottest designers. Take a look at what the best designers offer for your 2009 wedding invitation needs.

Vera Wang

Bold prints and delicate and subtle patterns combine in designer Vera Wang’s wedding invitation lines. Wang mixes contemporary and traditional in a decidedly cheerful, unconsciously playful and inimitably modern style. In the Vera Wang Retro Verso line, Wang is upsetting tradition to print on both sides of the invitation, combining bold prints with delicate patterns to create memorable and unique wedding invitations.

o The Vera Wang Retro Verso double-sided Gingko wedding invitations are simplicity incarnate. One side presents a bold impression of the pretty fan-shaped gingko biloba leaf in reverse print, while the invitation appears on the other side, framed by a delicate stream of gingko leaves traced along the border. Delightful for the modern bride who always wants to offer a nod to tradition. This is a particularly suitable choice for an oriental-themed wedding.

o Vera Wang’s William Arthur Black and Pink Paisley Letterpress wedding invitations are delightfully retro with a touch of modern color. Black and pink play against one another in a detailed, bold black cashmere-inspired floral print with equally pink touches. The pink envelope lined by hand completes the set both whimsical and very Art Deco.

Anna Griffin

Vera Wang’s Retro Verso and Letterpress wedding invitation lines are wedding invitation choices not to be missed for today’s modern bride. Designer Anna Griffin focuses on the traditional, playing with touches of ribbon, satin embossing and layered panels to create a feeling of opulence and timeless elegance.

o Wedding Invitations Anna Griffin Celadon Repels: Anna Griffin offers a subtle and elegant square invitation lined with a pale green botanical print. The central ivory panel has a embossed border and is connected by a satin ribbon to the four corners. The invitation is a statement of timeless elegance without being a prisoner of engraved tradition. Pretty, subtle and definitely bridal, it is an ideal invitation choice for any formal wedding.

o Anna Griffin Platinum Wedding Invitations Web: Beautiful invitations that save you money, is there anything better? Platinum Canvas wedding invitations from the Anna Griffin line are only available in white. Each invitation consists of an ivory card lined with platinum that can be printed with the wording of your invitation, a wrapping vellum pouch, and a matching knot to create a truly romantic wedding invitation. Make a romantic statement with your wedding notice or share by choosing this or one of Anna Griffin’s other floral print wedding invitation lines.

Custom Wedding Mix ‘n’ Match

Are you looking for fully and totally personal wedding invitations? Mix ‘n’ Match custom wedding invitations are perfectly suitable. You can choose your print colors, choose the color of your envelope linings, and even choose the style of your envelopes. In fact, there are so many personalized options that your wedding invitations are bound to be unique.

Custom Invitations Mix ‘n’ Match 7 x 7 Pocket Fold

Classical elegance and contemporary style combine in this unusual style of wedding invitation. You have the choice between 90 papers of different colors, including a range of metallic colors from pearl white to lapis blue. Customizations available for Mix ‘n’ Match wedding invitations include the color of the liner paper, the color of the backing paper, and the color of the invitation panel. The pocket fold is contemporary and elegant, ideal for today’s bride with a timeless sense of style.

Reagan 3-Layer Wedding Invitations

Who said that the only thing that comes in layers is the wedding cake? The 3-layer Reagan wedding invitation is part of the Custom Mix ‘n’ Match collection of wedding invitations. The three-layer panel invitation can be customized in hundreds of ink and paper colors, making your wedding invitations truly unique creations. Choose two different support colors, a panel color and an ink color, customize it with the style of your choice and choose an envelope to accentuate or contrast with your invitations.

Your wedding is your day, a day when your personal style must prevail. Invite your guests to your wedding with style, your personal style, with a wedding invitation that catches the attention of your guests from the beginning.

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