Cpim Exam Tips Top 10 Tips On How To Pass The Cpim Exams The First Time

In order to obtain the Certified in Production and Inventory Management certification through passing the five exams is not easy, but here are 10 ways that you are able to pass basic tests of supply Chain and Master Planning of Resources, Detailed Scheduling and Planning, Execution and Control of Operations, and finally the Strategic Management of Resources test the first time.

1. Know the APICS Dictionary. Understanding this term when you read the test questions is vital to understand the question and making sure the answer is right! If you’re an APICS member, you will be able to get an absolutely free copy of the dictionary.

2. It is important to learn important APICS books, such as “Introduction to Materials Management”by Arnold and the APICS OMBOC. They are mentioned as essential sources in the CPIM exam manual for content.

3. Create a study planSimply walking into an CPIM exam and hoping to be able to pass is almost guaranteed failure. Spend an hour a day to studying and getting ready for the next exam.

4. Take your time sleepingthe night before your test. If you are drinking all night prior to your test, you will not be fully ready to take the test. Be sure to arrive early so that you are not running to be ready for the test.

5. Do you have practical experience working in Production and Inventory Managementbefore taking the test. Experience gained through life is something you cannot find in a book. Working in a productionor inventory setting will provide you with the necessary experience for passing the examinations.

6. Make use of CPIM test simulator software such as Professional Test Pro’s CPIM simulation software to ensure that you can take practice tests in a controlled environment prior to when you take the actual test. The ability to answer CPIM questions similar to those of the actual test will give you assurance that you’ll be capable of passing the test. Do not take the test until you have a score of 78% or higher on the simulator CPIM tests. Only 70% is required to pass each test, however you’ll want to have some padding prior to taking the actual examination for the first time.

7. Read and reread the CPIM exam manual. It will provide you with the material for the test along with some examples of questions. This booklet is the primary subject areas every test will include. Understanding these subjects will help you help you focus your study so that you are able to pass the next test you’re studying for.

8. Utilize your time effectivelyin Your test. Do not try for hours to figure out one problem, which will force you to rush through the remaining 10 questions. Write down any questions you’re struggling with and then return to it when you’re in a hurry. The test simulator software you use can assist you in practicing this time management.

9. Take the time to read the questions thoroughly. Some words that APICS use include the most or least and except or not. These are essential terms to know so that you to answer questions in a proper manner.

10. Be patient. 5 tests is quite a long way to go through. Concentrate on one test to pass it, and then work for the next test. I suggest that you take taking a month to study and prepare for every test. Certain people are able to do it faster than others, but others require more time.

These 10 easy tips can put you in a the best position to get through your CPIM examinations on the first try.

Greg Fulls is PMP, CPIM Greg Fulls is PMP, CPIM, as well as Six Sigma Black Belt Certified with an MBA at Arizona State University.


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