Resumes For Your Senior Job Search

CVs are the first impression point for recruiters and employers. Unless your CV has the right impact, unfortunately, this can also be the last impression! Although many things have been said and written on CVs, writing CVs for senior professionals is doubly difficult. But for each of the challenges of CV writing, there is a workaround that allows you to create a resume that will take you ahead in your senior job search.

Full information: HR professionals, recruiters and employers see hundreds of resumes every week. Even when it comes to a senior CV, a recruiter spends only six seconds to half a minute deciding whether to pre-select the CV. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the information you put into your CV covers what the recruitment team needs to evaluate your profile. For example, there may be a temptation to highlight an achievement that recruiters may not consider. The agreement is to list the relevant information that positions you as an ideal candidate for the type of job opportunities you are looking for.

Two-page formula: A senior professional’s career profile can be page long, but a corollary to the last point is that your CV should NEVER exceed 2 pages. It’s not just about what to keep, it’s just as important to clarify what you should omit from your resume. Be careful when including details such as passport number, as they are only required in certain cases. Many details should only be provided on request.

Do not receive interview calls: even when the market is facing a job crisis, the right set of talent is always in demand. If you don’t get calls at all, or if recruiters don’t consider you for the right jobs, your CV could be the culprit. In such a scenario, don’t stop your job search; instead, work on a better CV, preferably with a professional CV consultant.

The right type of CV editor: Although you know your career best, there could be compelling reasons to work with a CV editor. In addition to the fact that you don’t have enough time to give your CV adequate attention, an expert CV editor will understand your career goals and make sure your resume reflects them. Professional CV editors also know how to write your CV to meet best recruitment practices. They can advise you on the content, format and style of CVs depending on the vertical area in which you work.
Is your CV holding you back?

At a higher level, it is essential for a professional to present his titles effectively.
Do not be one of those highly qualified and deserving senior candidates who miss out on the critical success factors that go into writing the “good CV.” Recapited include making sure you get the right information to get into your CV, keep your CV concise, review your CV periodically and, if in doubt, ask professional CV editors to help you write your CV.

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