Top 10 Event Planning Tips

If you are planning an event, it’s helpful to prepare a checklist to be sure that everything is completed and all preparation is completed.

Events can be expensive considering the cost associated with the events, the expense of marketing, time away from the office and staff interruptions that can occur during the course of the event. You need to make sure that the outcomes are as high as they can be to maximize your return on investment.

Top 10 tips to help you plan a successful event:


  • Prepare for the event properly (pre plan)
  • Effectively promote an event in a way that you can promote it to existing customers and potential customers.
  • Make sure you have the most effective stands for your occasion
  • Be sure to have all your marketing materials
  • Make sure you have some goodies ready to giveaway
  • Make sure your employees are well-prepared and are aware of what they need to do
  • Make sure that your employees are at their best and are available
  • Make the event work
  • Have you got USP’s displayed on the stand or just reasons for people to stay
  • Follow up with marketing following the event


A successful event can be broken down into three essential elements:


  1. Successful pre planning
  2. A successful event
  3. Follow up is successful


A lot of companies be so focused upon the event itself (number 2.) that they overlook the steps 1 and 3 and overlook two thirds of the potential events.

The preparations for an event

It is important that you discuss with event planners the space you would like to have for the event, and whether that is the best location. Picking a stand that is near the chill out area is ideal since there is greater foot traffic. Additionally, having a stand near the entry point at the time of event ensures that everybody walks through your stand at least twice. Organizing all facilities to be available (lap tops, communication food, staff rotas, and so on.)

Correctly Market the Event

Let people know that you’re going to attend the event is crucial and instead of it being a surprise, let your clients and potential customers know you’re attending. Make sure you are visible by including an e-mail link so that word of mouth can be spread. Make sure to post this event’s information on your Facebook or Twitter page. The cost is not expensive, but it can increase or even triple the number of customers you have. Invite them to your stand for a drink , or to give them a free present. You can hold a raffle, and encourage participants to show their tickets for a chance to take home a car or trip.

Making the perfect display for your event

There are a lot of exhibitors, so looking for the most effective stand at the lowest cost is highly recommended. There are a variety of kinds of stands that you can choose from, so picking the appropriate one for your particular occasion is a good idea. If it’s a major event, and you need lots of attention It is recommended having a bigger stand in order to increase your visibility. If it’s a small occasion and you simply require a presence, you may want to consider a smaller stand and a smaller floor could be the best option.

Make sure your marketing materials are in order

A lot of companies show up at an event with no marketing materials for prospective customers or with no marketing materials. There have been instances of exhibitor hand out outdated obsolete materials that requires scribbling an address change on or a brand new website or offering services that aren’t offered. This is very embarrassing and doesn’t create a positive impression.


Freebies are a common feature of an event. They usually cost little but they create an impression. Anything that is related to your business is a good idea (if you’re a builder you could use a stress ball that is the shape of a wrecking ball , or a hard hat) But generally, something the person who is punting will keep is superior (like pen, mug or clock, or similar). Bags are useful, but they are often thrown away, so don’t last.

Make sure your team is prepared

Engaging staff at the stand and participating in at the event, handing out brochures and flyers or goodie bags will create an atmosphere of excitement. Employing models to stroll around and hand the freebies or snacks can increase the impact. Making sure that staff members be present at the set times keeps them on track (as as opposed to two persons for the whole event).

The event’s staff are working on the event.

A lot of times, staff were at a table discussing business with each other and looking bored, using their phones, and completely ignoring guests. This is the ideal method to ruin the event and make money. Smiley staff at people, talking to them and bringing people to the stand, and looking stylish will increase or even triple the number of enquiries.

working the event

It is crucial, since it will maximize the short duration that the event takes. Staff networking with other exhibitors can help you acquainted with your industry customers, competitors and competitors. Because you’re well-known by others, you’re generating an image. This is an excellent publicity (if you do it right). Make sure that staff members approach guests with gifts and freebies. Get people to buy something from the display and engage them in discussions. Models are great at events since they create a an impression of professionalism and friendliness and are usually easy to approach. The branding of models using your corporate image will get your business a lot of publicity.

Are USP’s on the stand

Find an original selling point on the stand. Something that draws people into. It could be any item (a sports vehicle, a gaming console equipped with a plasma screen bars, or even an outdoor pool) so long that it is interesting and keeps people engaged and captivated. It’s all it takes for the message to take hold or for it to be noticed by your sales reps from hunter.

Marketing Follow up

After the event is over and gone, the public will forget about you. Thus all the hard work and effort you put into this event will be lost and lost. If you don’t do an follow-up. Set up a mailer or E-mail campaign within two days of the event. Contact potential customers following the mailer. Keep the conversation going. Offer more freebies via the email to prospective customers (chocolates are a good choice) and ensure that each person who visited was scannable (events usually have scanners, so you can scan anyone you’ve scanned and get the contact details of those who visited).

The follow-up, as stated is the most important thing to do If you don’t follow up, then the memorable moment will be a distant memory which fades quickly.

If you require assistance or advice in organising your event or locating an event, please let us know.

The cost of events can be high, therefore you must make sure that your event is as efficient as it can be and, more often than not events are only as successful as you can make them. A lot of events are becoming less popular in the present with the advent of the internet. They often are overlooked as alternatives that are less costly, however they remain a potent marketing tool, and if used properly they can be extremely successful.


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