Xerox Tips 3 Tips For Finding A Managed Print Service Partner

In this blog I’d like to share the savings you could make by moving your office into the Managed Print Service (MPS). The goal of switching to a managed print service is simple and straightforward to achieve a significant reduction in the total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that is associated with your office’s printing environment. But, it’s essential to point out that before you consider your options it is essential to choose an MPS provider that can deliver durable, long-lasting outcomes. It may sound like a lot of common sense however I wouldn’t mention it if I didn’t think it was worthy of mentioning. It is important to ensure that the MPS company you choose isn’t just a pawn. Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding on the ideal MPS partner.

Be sure that they walk the whole way, not talk the talk.

From the beginning, no matter who your MPS provider is, they will be in charge of the entire printing infrastructure. This could mean replacing several suppliers of service, equipment and consumables that comprise the printing environment in your office. This can be a significant undertaking. This is the reason having an assessment done on the current state of your office printing environment is important. The assessment does not just evaluate the current state of the printing environment in your office and provides an analysis of the rationalization process which, when it is implemented, can allow the highest savings possible to be made. This plan will be discussed in detail in a short time.

Keep it at home

The administration of your print environment, which includes all services supplies, support, and service will be the responsibility of your chosen MPS provider. In addition, your partner must, at all costs provide as easy to log in and review the savings from the MPS system. The partner should also be able to bill for these services by using one cost type of utility per page which covers the entire range of non-networked and networked devices. Be aware that a good MPS partner will cooperate in tandem with, and not against. The idea behind MPS is to create an environment that promotes efficiency. So, it goes to be expected that your MPS partner must be a shining example of this by setting the example for you.

Plan, read the plan, implement the plan

The MPS company you work with should implement new strategies to ensure the highest opportunities for long-term savings. In the event that they do not, that is a major warning. Use the common sense: If you are looking to save money on printing costs for your office What is the best way to do that? How could changing a printer, but not altering the practices in the office’s printing will make a significant impact? Naturally, when you’re dealing with something new it is possible that a certain hesitation to change practices could take hold. What’s important to keep in mind is the bigger picture. For instance, Xerox’s standard designed plan for your brand new MPS environment can provide the possibility of total savings of 30 percent. Furthermore, a brand new MPS plan should be welcomed with all of your heart. It is important to be proud of the fact that you’ve made a profit in the area of your business which will yield significant returns over several years. You are able to pat yourself on the back and get to work on how you can channel your savings to your business!


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