10 Tips For Trade Show Success

1. Set your goal

What is the purpose of this show? Do you want to sell products, get leads, increase awareness of your brand, or preempt your competitors? You should have a clear goal, write it down and keep track of your progress throughout the trade show. It will be difficult to assess whether the trade show was successful without a clear goal.

2. Promote Your Trade Show Booth before the Show Begin

A trade show’s success depends on how many times you are able to touch your prospects. To generate awareness and top of mind, you should touch your prospects at least three times before the show. Only 15% of exhibitors offer pre-show promotions. Join that group! You can only get 15% to 20% of attendees to spend their time at exhibits, so invite them to your booth before they go. This is how you can generate “guaranteed prospects”.

3. The 1-Minute Pitch

The truth is that you only have six seconds to grab a prospect’s attention as they walk past your booth at the trade show floor. You must prepare if your booth design and message grab prospects attention (we will talk more later). A condensed pitch of one minute should be prepared. It should cover everything that you need to qualify the lead, and it should also address the goal that you have set for the show. To ensure that you are ready for the show, practice your pitch several times. Remember that your pitch should focus on the prospect and not your company.

4. Invite – Send a Good Your booth is a great reason to visit

It’s easy: think of a reason your prospects will visit your booth and invite them. You must give your prospects a compelling reason why they should visit your booth at trade shows. If they find your reason compelling enough, they will plan to visit your booth.

5. Qualify your Prospects

Expositor booths will often use giveaways to draw prospects to their booth. Giveaways can be a great way to bring people to your booth, but they don’t produce many leads. Raffles are a great way to get qualified prospects and weed out those who only want free stuff.

You must ask some qualifying questions to get the best out of the raffle. All entries must be qualified – they must complete all information on the form in order to enter the raffle. To build your opt-in email list, you should ask for EMail. Make sure you let them know that they will be receiving e-mails from time to time with promotions and specials. Get their attention, buy timeframe, decision makers, and any other information you need to make a real, qualified lead. You will be able to determine who is interested in your product/service if you conduct a review.

6. The Booth Message

One of the most common mistakes I see at trade shows is companies displaying their names across the top of their booth. It is unlikely that you will capture PROSPECTS’ attention by simply posting XYZ Company at your booth’s top. You have probably already developed the message you wish to communicate before the show. Make sure that your booth conveys it clearly and quickly! You only have six seconds to grab a prospect’s attention. Creating a compelling message is the best way.

7. Booth Graphics

Trade show graphics that convey your message will be a great asset. A qualified professional can produce your graphics and make the difference between a “decent”, or a “blowout”, show.

When designing and producing graphics, you should keep these things in mind.

Message, Message and Message

o Use colors and images to communicate your message

o Get a new designer if your designer isn’t able to understand the emotional responses that different colors can elicit. Remember the 6 second rule

o Your graphics and booth are an investment. A qualified professional should design and produce them.

o A great trade show booth doesn’t have to cost a lot.


Prospects have a lot to absorb after a tradeshow. They will most likely have visited many booths after visiting your booth. But, there is one surefire way to make them remember you: BE THE FIRST TO FOLLOW YOU UP!

You should touch prospects at least 12 times. At least four follow-ups are required after the show. You can send useful information to all of them, including ads and newspaper mentions. Do not give up, you will be amazed at the power and effectiveness of “informational” follow-ups.


This is something I have repeated many times in this article. I decided to give it its own section as it is so important. It is important to remember that nobody cares about what you sell, how you do it, who you are, with whom you have done business, why you are here, or any other aspect of your trade show success. This is a sad truth, but it’s essential to your success at trade shows. Prospects care only about how our service can benefit them. If you have a message that achieves this, then be ready to share it with prospects. This will ensure your success.

10. Bonus Tips

– #1 Killer Mini Tip: Don’t ever sit down at your booth! Studies have shown that people will pay 26% less for the same product if they are standing.

– Mini tip #2: Smile, smile, don’t frown and smile. You have successfully opened the door. Now, just give your 1-minute pitch.

– The best tip of the bunch #3: Look relaxed/be relaxed. Many prospects who pass you are “nervous” about asking you a question that they don’t know. You will be more approachable and likely to engage if you’re relaxed.

– Superb tip #4: Make them feel valued – BECAUSE YOU ARE! Every discussion should be about them and not about you. Which approach is more effective?

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