10 Warning Signs That A Prospective Client Is Not Right For You

In tough economic times, it’s easy to abandon the norms and sign up the client that doesn’t meet your expectations of an ideal client. If there are a few clients on the horizon, it usually appears appealing to sign up for those that do are available. If you do this, you could end up with an unhappy customer or one who’s out and draining your energy. Here are ten signs to warn you to stay clear of the client.

Not applicable to your routine area(s)

The issue is a simple problem. It is possible to do it, but it’s not in the scope of your expertise. It might be easy, or look simple due to the lack of experience. If it’s outside of your area of practice, it may take more time to grasp the problem and complete the necessary work. Utilize your time to strengthen your name and your practice area(s) is not one that requires studying and research to understand things you’re not familiar with and might never see a requirement for.

conflicts with cases that you as well as other employees of your company have been working on.

Both of the above should be completed during the screening process, which , in the majority of cases, is done by an employee.

Scope of work is not suitable for you at the moment.

The problem could be too big or complicated. It could have a deadline which is too long for you to handle with your resources. This is an opportunity to assign the task to a different attorney or request an attorney to complete the tasks that exceed what you are capable of handling.

Client expectations aren’t aligned with reality.

Be clear on what’s possible, the method you use with clients, and what you want from your client. Do not take on a client who demands you to perform a task you don’t like or puts you under pressure you do not wish to be under.

The customer does not have the funds or is not willing to pay a reasonable cost.

Beware of clients who fight over your fees, do not intend to pay retainer money, or do not be able to agree on a payment plan.

You can feel inside that this person will be difficult to deal with.

It might seem odd. It is possible that you are unable to explain the reason, however a red flag will pop up while you’re speaking with the potential customer.

Client has several attorneys assist in the matter.

This is a major warning. It is usually the case that another attorney has abandoned the case. Be sure to ask the client questions and other attorneys prior to you decide to take on the client.

The client is not reliable as well as demanding.

Customers who are late for meetings, do not show up to meetings or expect instant attention are likely cause work for them to be uncomfortable and difficult. They’ll always make excuses for their tardiness or the need to hurry. If you accept them as your client, be prepared to hear plenty of excuses.

Client requires that you avoid steps in order to reduce your cost.

If you’ve established guidelines that you follow in your business, you should not let a client influence you to reduce your standards. However, some clients require lower prices and may inquire whether there is a way they can complete certain tasks themselves. Only accept this if you feel at ease with and is a reliable client who is able to meet the other criteria of 9.

Client is not listening to you and doesn’t seem to grasp the first instructions.

Clients should collaborate with you on their particular case. They’ll need to gather details, attend appointments, and address issues according to the procedures you advise. Potential clients who appear disoriented or more interested in sharing the nitty-gritty details, but not paying attention to your advice they will behave in this manner when you are working to resolve their issue. Find out if the time it takes to reach them is worth it.


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