10 Ways To Have A Successful Trade Show Event A Checklist For Attending Trade Shows And Conventions

Conventions and trade shows are a fantastic method to meet potential clients as well as connect with current clients and keep on top of developments in the industry. But, if you don’t have some planning by you, going to any trade show could be an unnecessary waste of time, energy and money. Take these 10 steps to ensure your time is spent effectively achieving your objectives and making your trade show successful.


Start pre-show promotions.

Create excitement and excitement about your brand or your exhibit. Bring excitement to the show and see attendees arriving at the event telling you, “I can’t wait to discover what they have.”

Prepare yourself.

Prepare for the event by preparing 3-6 questions that you will ask your booth. These icebreakers are sure to grab on the attention of another participant and make you make a statement. (See Tip #9 for the things to stay clear of.)

Offer incentives to people to provide their contact information.

You can think about contests, giveaways or games to accumulate business cards. A fishbowl iPod game at conclusion of the program will yield an impressive number of addresses including names, addresses, and telephone numbers. It is possible to add the addresses of these email addresses to your list of e-newsletter subscribers (after making this decision, be sure to mail them a thank you email, with the opt-out option). As people come up to your booth to enter the contest/giveaway/game, be sure to engage them – this will help you identify qualified prospects as you organize the business cards later on.

Set goals that are measurable.

You must establish goals that you can quantify before you begin planning your budget for your trade show If they are not properly measured and compared to your results, costs can increase quickly and have little to show for it. Determine your most important “must be at” events and then prioritize them according to importance; then put lesser-important trade shows into”maybe” piles “maybe” list.

Create an equal gender balance at the booth.

Potential clients might be more reluctant to meet when they are not at ease and intimidated. uncomfortable. As often as is possible it is important to eliminate any barriers that could prevent you from networking with leads who are qualified.

Make the best the first impression.

A significant portion of this is due to the layout of your exhibit at a trade show For instance the majority of experienced exhibitors invest in a properly-designed customized trade show displays that is based on their business goals branding, as well as their general approach to marketing for events. But, aside from the visual appeal of your display, keep in mind that your individual approach could create or destroy opportunities. Do this regularly and work to improve your initial impression.

Take notes of potential clients whom you get to meet.

In the course of the day record a list of people you meet during your networking. Be sure to keep track of those who are highly qualified as well as the less desirable opportunities. Noting these information in writing will come in handy when you are sorting through your new contacts following an event.

Do not eat, sit and drinking inside your dining room.

Standing up gives you more energy as well as makes one more accessible. Being seated or distracted could turn off potential customers who are walking by your booth.

Eliminate the use of cliché expressions.

Avoiding simple, unimportant questions (“How can I help you”, “How are you” or similar questions) Your first interactions with people you meet for the first time are more memorable as well as productive and, generally, more engaging for both of you.

Always keep in mind the rule of 80/20.

Simple and efficient, yet often under-utilized: Listen 80 percent all the time…talk 20 percent.

Jeff Brommer is Chief Public Relations Strategist at Apple Rock, the leading supplier of trade show exhibits and event planning, marketing, and other core communications services. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Apple Rock is uniquely equipped to help businesses achieve their marketing goals across a range of channels, from the design and construction of customized trade show exhibits to high-quality and cost-effective trade show display rental.

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