7 Item Checklist For Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

The process of finding a commercial cleaning service that meets your company’s needs can be complicated. Here are 7 questions you need to inquire about any cleaning service you’re thinking of.

1. Is the cleaning service insured?

If they claim they’re not, don’t take the cleaning company’s answer at on its own. Ask for a copy insurance policy and confirm that the policy is in force. This will prove that the policy covers damages that occur while they clean your office. When you do finally decide to employ a business, mark the date that their insurance expires on your calendar, and then confirm that it was renewed in the correct date.

2. Does the company that cleans your house have been legally licensed?

Many commercial cleaning firms declare themselves to be limited liability businesses. Check the legitimacy of any business you’re thinking of partnering with by consulting the Secretary of State’s Office (in the state in which the company was founded) to ensure that the company is is in compliance with the law of the state. It is not a good idea to allow people into your business who has false details. It is also possible to verify that the business cleaning firm is licensed to operate in the current market issued by the county or city in which they are operating.

3. Who will be in your company?

It is essential to know the number of people who will be performing the cleaning and who the people are. You must also know who the supervisor of the job is and their phone number. It is also important to find out if the same employees will are cleaning your office each time. Check if your cleaning service conducts background checks on its employees, and when the background checks are reviewed. You do not want criminals to be in your company. It is important to inquire as many times as you can. Cleaners have very high turnover So don’t be surprised… it’s difficult work!

4. Who is the one who provides all the equipment for cleaning and cleaning supplies?

It is crucial to inquire about this. Cleaning services that don’t provide any equipment or supplies, and they will need your equipment. Don’t be frightened. There’s a distinct difference between commercial cleaning supplies and the ones you can buy at your local store. Professional cleaning companies use the equipment it owns and its supplies to ensure the quality of the service it provides.

5. What kinds of services are available?

Here are some suggestions to get you going: Are the garbage bins empty and trash taken out of the building? Are trash can liners replaced? Are the furniture sprayed? Do the windows or the glass in your entryway be cleaned? The base on your bathroom be cleaned? Does the interior of the microwave be cleaned? Do the carpets get steam or bonnets cleaned? Are the tile floors cleaned and waxed? Find out when the services are available.

6. What happens if not happy?

Make sure to inform the cleaning service when something is not being done. If you have a concern it is best to inform those who clean your workplace. If the problem persists then you’ll need to speak with the manager or owner of the cleaning company. Make sure you keep the communication line that is POSITIVE communication, which allows for the possibility of a mistake being made. There are many things within your company that require being cleaned, and it can be expected that some may be missed.

7. Cost

Cost should be taken into consideration only after all other questions are answered. Do not compare a cleaning service solely based on price! The most expensive isn’t always the most price.

With the help of the above checklist, you will increase the chances that you choose a reliable commercial cleaning service for all of your cleaning requirements for business.


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