7 Tips You Need To Know To Boost Your Business With Referrals

If people like your product or service, there is a good chance that you already have marketing free of charge. If people have already used your product or service and are satisfied with it, the likelihood of them marketing for you is much higher.

It isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always work. Even though you would love for this free marketing method to continue, people won’t necessarily sing your praises unless they ask about your products or services. These are seven tips to help you increase referrals.

Tip #1: Prepare a referral sheet

You can create a referral form to hand out at events, customers, or for mailing to people. In the empty spaces, you should say: “If our products and services are of interest to you, please refer your friends below.” Don’t forget to mention the incentive they will get for filling out this form.

Tip #2: Ask for testimonials

Ask existing customers who are happy with your products or services to provide testimonials for you to use in your brochure, sales letter and website. This builds credibility and makes it easier for people to refer you to others.

Tip #3: Refer businesses

If they decide to use the company that you recommend, tell them about it. You might get some business referrals back if you keep the old saying “Scratch one another’s backstory” true. Share any information you have with your clients and, hopefully, they will refer you to other businesses.

Tip #4: Ask around

Ask existing clients if there are any people they know who could benefit from your product or service. Ask for their contact information and confirm that they are okay to be your referee. This will not only bring in new clients but also encourages existing clients to refer you.

Tip #5: Offer incentives

Give a token of appreciation or a gift to people who have recommended your products and/or services. Incentives are a motivating factor to encourage your clients to refer others.

Tip #6: Listen out for referrals

Keep an open ear for referrals. Listen out for comments from customers about the problems you can solve with your products or services. You only need to ask your customers for their contact information.

Tip #7 – Thank people for helping you out

Ask new clients how they found out about your products and services. This will allow you to assess your marketing and advertising efforts as well as find out if your client referred them.

Even if the client referred you, you should send a thank-you card to the person. Your goal is to establish a solid relationship with your client in order to encourage them to refer you business.

Ben is an entrepreneur as well as a manager of operations in a company that provides corporate training. He is an expert in corporate training and finance. In 2008, he also launched his online trading business that dealt in multiple areas. He also takes time to learn and improve his skills to ensure that every business is able to survive.

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