Ceos Linkedin Is Waiting For You Don't Get Left Behind (10 Reasons To Get Started Now)

Have you been sitting on the sidelines or perhaps just dabbling with social media, maybe wondering what all the excitement is about? It are often overwhelming, with numerous options from which to choose-LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, etc. With quite 800 million users worldwide, Facebook appears to be the tool of choice within the B2C sector. However, within the B2B space, LinkedIn has unlimited networking and marketing potential, and businesspeople round the globe appreciate the highly professional nature of the location . Here are 10 reasons why you and your company should hop on the bandwagon.

1. 140 million and growing.

Yes, LinkedIn has 140 million users, and a million more are added each and each week. There are 500 million businesspeople on the earth , which means almost one-third of these people have a LinkedIn account. Using keywords and other search criteria, you’re ready to find new customers, vendors, employees, and partners. Before cold calling, you’ll plan to find the name of the one that holds the position you’re trying to find . this is often through with Advanced People Searching-LinkedIn’s #1 tool for growing your organization’s top line revenue.

2. You have already got an excellent network.

Your network is one among your most treasured assets. It includes people from every area of your life-your community, industry, personal interests, etc. These people have helped you personally and professionally throughout the years. With LinkedIn’s “3D capability,” you’ll now see who your friends know and who their friends know. you’ll be only one introduction faraway from the person you or your salespeople, purchasing personnel or HR team are dying to satisfy .

3. The more you recognize , the more you grow.

Most folks are pretty confident that the more we all know a few company or the people within the corporate , the higher chance we’ve of accomplishing our goal because it relates thereto company or person. Well, step right up and access the most important keyword searchable professional database within the world. See what i prefer to call “resumes on steroids” for the people you would like to satisfy . we might have paid pile for this database just ten years ago. Now it’s virtually (and I mean virtually) free.

4. Your competition is expecting you to seem at them.

Well, not exactly, but you actually can see more about them and their people than you’ve got ever had the power to ascertain . you’ll view their products and services, watch their slide shows, and consider their customer testimonials. LinkedIn helps you see who has recently been hired and who has left the corporate . Reading the recommendations your competitor’s employees have received from customers will offer you insight into not only who their customers are but why they’re satisfied customers. this could offer you plenty to speak about at your next company strategy session.

5. Got a question?

Just think-you and your staff can communicate with the world’s foremost experts in your industry by accessing LinkedIn’s Answers feature and Group Discussions. People are just waiting to satisfy you and discuss your most pressing issues. Getting involved in ongoing group discussions and lending your expertise will build your credibility with people that may then become your customers, vendors, strategic partners or employees.

6. 140 million and growing.

I know I said this before, but this point i would like you to think not about your searching 140 million resumes to seek out the proper people and corporations but about your company and your people being found by somebody else . By strategically crafting your company page and directing your people to possess the proper keywords and knowledge on their profiles, you’ll not only be found by people that are checking out your products or services but also improve your chances of being contacted by those potential customers or clients. i’m wondering how high within the search rankings your company and your people come up when people are checking out your products and services on LinkedIn. Developing and executing a strategic plan for your company’s LinkedIn use will undoubtedly improve your visibility.

7. Your favorite nonprofit is relying on you.

By this point in your career, you almost certainly care about, support or volunteer for variety of nonprofit organizations. Maybe you even serve on a board or two. If you’re curious about helping them grow and expand, there are parts of your profile which will be wont to highlight your involvement and their mission also as letting people skills they might be involved the organization. additionally , if you’ve got embraced LinkedIn and strategically grown your network, you ought to now be ready to use LinkedIn to seek out people that could also be curious about joining you in supporting your favorite nonprofit group.

8. Your staff is expecting your move.

In every area of your business, your employees look to you for leadership. Social media may be a fundamental change to how we communicate with outsiders. If you are doing not engage at some level, your lack of interest may become a scarcity of interest throughout the corporate . Your enthusiasm for this exciting technology might be just the fuel your employees got to jumpstart your company’s social media program, and LinkedIn is that the obvious start line .

9. Are you listening?

Whether it’s LinkedIn or other social media channels, people are talking about your company, people, products, and services. the corporate that puts together a uniform strategy for answering, helping, and educating the general public will have a superior reputation over people who fail to interact . the planet is waiting to listen to from your company and every one of your people. you’re smart, your employees are smart, and your expertise is required . If you do not provide it, your competitors will, and that they may already be doing just that.

10. it’d be fun.

When was the last time you had a rush about something new you learned, something that took a while and energy , but once you accomplished it you had the proverbial top-of-the-mountain high? Well, maybe, just maybe, this is often one among those times you ought to climb the mountain. placed on your boots, grab some water, and hit the paths . Oh, and by the way, i’m sure you’ll find a couple of friends in your organization who would like to hit the paths with you. Have fun!

Wayne Breitbarth was once a skeptic and now’s an outspoken proponent of LinkedIn, “LinkedIn Guru” Wayne Breitbarth is hooked in to helping business professionals–from entry level to CEO–learn the way to combine their previous experience and relationships with this innovative tool so as to more successfully brand and market themselves and their businesses. Wayne’s diverse professional background uniquely positions him to help not only individuals but corporate entities also . With thirty years’ experience within the areas of operations, finance, management, consulting, and business ownership, he’s ready to “put it all together” for his corporate and individual clients. additionally to his consulting work, Wayne may be a dynamic speaker. His practical yet entertaining presentations have inspired audiences both locally, at many of Milwaukee’s most prominent companies and organizations, and nationally, at conventions, industry association events, and company training sessions.

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