Choosing Your Hazmat Disposal Contractor

Here are 7 things to remember when you need to hire a hazardous waste disposal company

1. Interview the Company.

Meet the staff and see if there are any problems. You will learn the real story about the company’s habits from the layout of the office and the staff. If you visit the facility and find that they are not very neat, it SHOULD be a sign to you. You should not be impressed by a messy or dirty office. Find another company to interview.

2. It is important to know where hazardous waste is being shipped to.

Ask the contractor what the waste will look like and what the “end result” will be. Some waste can be recycled, which is good. Some waste will be fixed and sent to a landfill. It is important to know where your waste will be sent to a licensed, lined landfill. Find out more about the landfill, including how it tracks and disposes off your waste material.

3. Remember that you, the generator, are responsible for everything from cradle through grave.

Even though you have hired a contractor to transport hazardous or non-hazardous materials, you are still the one responsible for it.

4. You must ensure that the proper documentation is received for your waste.

An environmental contractor must be able explain each waste stream’s disposal documentation. There are bill-of-ladings and land ban forms.
Different waste streams require different manifests.

5. Don’t be afraid to contact the local environmental regulator authority.

Check the website for specific regulations in your state. Find out who issues permits for hazardous waste haulers in your area. Ask the contact whether there have been any violations or fines with the company you are considering hiring. In a short time, you will be educated. You can ask them about other companies in your area, so long as they are talking to you.

6. Check the safety rating of your contractor.

Either you can ask the contractor for this information, or you can request an Insurance Certificate. This document will list the insurance companies and contact information for each. It is important to determine the contractor’s safety rating. An “Experience Modification Rate” (EMR), is a rating that a company assigns based on how safe they are with regard to workman’s comp records. A company with an EMR of 1.0 indicates a good safety record. You should consider moving on if the EMR is 1.7. This indicates that the company does not practice safe working practices.

7. Last but not the least, DO NOT ENGAGE THE CHEAPEST CONTRACTOR! Do not hire the cheapest contractor!

When choosing a contractor to handle your waste, it is not important to save money. Beware if you’re the type who gets three quotes for your waste disposal. Keep safety, documentation and final disposal facility in your mind. It is no good to hire the cheapest contractor only to find yourself in more trouble than you are worth.

Make sure you do it once, and it will be done correctly. Do your homework. I’ve seen horror stories about poor and cheap contractors. My company has been called upon to clean up the mess made by other contractors. You can contact me if you have any questions. I’d be happy to assist you in any way.


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