How To Open A Tea Room

7 Tips to Open and running a successful Tea House

“This is the perfect moment to open tea shops, since tea is rapidly increasing in popularity. It’s usually the widely discussed health benefits of tea that make people interested however, once they have tried it, they find that they really enjoy it.” Cynthia Gold Tea Sommelier, The Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers

Here are seven ways of making your tea shop more profitable…

Serve a substantial lunch:

This could be the most significant factor that determines your success and it is more crucial than the other variables you take into consideration. A well-rounded or extensive lunch menu can bring people in who aren’t just there for tea, and they’ll come back for food, provided it’s delicious.

Include a cafe section:

It is possible to create a separate area to cater to those who just want to be eating sandwiches, soup and salads. The decor doesn’t have to be extravagant and seating arrangements will be distinct.

Women who are there for tea will likely want table Table skirts, linens, as well as delicate tea cups. You can also create an area that is more casual and casual for your lunch-time guests.

Afternoon tea on booking:

Since finger sandwiches and other fancy desserts might need to be made in advance It is less likely to see food wasted when you make tea in the afternoon available throughout the day, but only with reservations.

You must determine what this means for you and this will depend upon your financial budget. Do you want to serve tea at just one reservation, or demand a certain amount of guests? At first it may be necessary limit the number of guests in the beginning, but it could be so well-known that you are able to serve it all day long with the knowledge that there will be people there to take advantage of it.

You can have a “special events” space:

If possible, you should have an area set aside to accommodate groups to make it available to host bridal teas as well as baby showers or kids’ tea celebrations. The group could be large enough to warrant an appointment, but are not large enough to be able to reserve the tea room.

If just 15 guests are arriving, and they’d like privacy, but you typically seat 50 people or more, it’s not feasible to close the tea room that is used by those. Making a space available so you don’t have to shut them out ensures that you don’t lose any potential revenue.

Shop for gifts in your tea room:

If, at first, you can’t afford a complete space to open a shop selling gifts create a small area to sell tea and tea accessories, so that customers can buy the items should they wish to.

Separate entrances:

If you are aware that you will be serving two distinct customers including hungry truckers on the move and bored elderly people It is possible to have one entrance for your cafe , and an entrance for your tea room.

Provide a range of tea:

Do not limit your tea selection to just a few kinds of tea. Make sure you offer as many options that you can manage to afford.

“For many, many years wise people have pour hot tea leaves over hot water and found enjoyment in both the experience and the beverage that results.” -Theresa Cheung. “Tea Bliss: Enhance your life with Health and Wisdom.

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