Questions To Consider Before Choosing An Answering Service Or Call Center

Finding the right answering company or a call center to collaborate with for your calls or customer support is a stressful and exhausting process. Customers and prospects are the foundation of your company and choosing a service that you can be confident in could be time-consuming. If it’s the first time you’re looking for answering services, you might be wondering what should I do? Which is the most reliable? How do I determine which ones are superior to other services? You might be thinking what an answering service assist me with? Locating answers to your questions or a a call center can be a breeze if you know the right questions to ask.

The most important questions you should ask:

Are you able to cost for per minute, or per phone?

The cost of per-call plans aren’t always accurate. If you do not believe that every call will be long, and you don’t mind hang ups and a miscalculation of numbers might be able to rack up your bills fairly quickly. Most of times the per-minute plans will be a more sensible option, but make sure you inquire whether there are second increment limits. For instance, some plans round calls to the nearest interval of 6 or 30 seconds instead of per one second.

Which billing cycle do you have?

Beware of the 28-day billing cycles. You will receive 13 invoices each year, but you pay the Net 30 bill, or one per month that will only be 12 invoices.

Can I be bound by the terms of a contract?

The majority of providers have month-to-month contracts however there are some that try to force you to sign several months at once, or even a whole year!

Do you work in a one-call setting?

Some service providers will take your calls at the first call every time, but they will put you on hold until they come to answering it. One-call environments mean that you pick up the phone and remain on the phone from beginning to the end.

Can your calls get answered overseas?

If the callers are inside the U.S. then you’ll want to ensure that they’re handled by the U.S. service. It’s possible to take it further and ask what number of offices they have to determine if the account can be serviced locally to your company.

How much is your plan of pricing?

The cost of a plan isn’t always a great thing. Some providers offer cheap plans, however, they add on costs for your number holidays, bilingual service, holidays calling out, patching, etc. Make sure your base plan is inclusive of all of this or you could be surprised by unexpected charges once you receive your bill.

Which is the standard of your services?

Find out whether they are able to provide you with testimonials, the length of time they’ve been in industry, awards and accolades as well as references that are specifically for your field or requirements.

There are a myriad of questions that you can ask prospective suppliers however, these questions can determine which one you choose to be able to trust with your customers or prospective customers. Your questions should be centered around the particular business requirements you have.


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